What is Workforce Management?

RITEQ Workforce Manager (WFM) is a business solution designed to help organisations effectively manage their processes for headcount allocation, scheduling, tracking, evaluating and rewarding employees. Our WFM technology assists managers in shift planning, helping them to place the right people in the right job at the right cost, freeing up time to be spent elsewhere within the business.

An integrated solution, our WFM utilises real-time business data and sophisticated forecasting to accurately predict workforce demand and create optimised rosters, getting you the most value from labour budget while ensuring compliance

RITEQ believe approaching shift planning strategically helps businesses rapidly achieve their goals, vision and increase profitability

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Key business drivers that lead organisations to implement a workforce management solution:

  • Increase operating profit through schedule optimisation based on labour demand
  • Improve scheduling with auto creation and employee shift bidding
  • Ensure compliance with right people in the right place with the correct skills
  • Combat time theft, automating approval process and controlling overtime
  • Improving the productivity of stores/departments with drill down metrics
  • Improve employees engagement through Manager and Employee self service
  • Integration with HR & Payroll systems removes manual effort, duplication and costly errors.

RITEQ Workforce Management encompasses all the activities and processes needed to maintain a productive workforce

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