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What is Workforce Management?

Workforce Management is the term used to describe any business solution that helps organisations more effectively manage their processes for headcount allocation, scheduling, tracking, evaluating and rewarding employees. WFM technology assists managers in placing the right people in the right job at the right cost. Approaching this important process strategically helps businesses rapidly achieve their goals and vision.

Workforce management encompasses all the activities and processes needed to maintain a productive workforce. Surviving in today's fast-paced business environments requires a strategic approach that utilises innovative technology as well as proven processes.

Modern workforce management solutions utilise real-time business data and sophisticated forecasting to accurately predict workforce demand, creating optimised schedules that get the most value out of labour budgeting while ensuring compliance.

Workforce management software integrates with time and attendance tracking hardware to eliminate costly abuse such as time theft and buddy punching. An intuitive system will also help to minimise expenses such as overtime by alerting managers to budgeting issues before they occur.

The key business drivers that lead organisations to implement a workforce management solution are:

  • Increasing operating profit by increasing revenues
  • Decreasing labour costs by reducing wasted hours and overpayment
  • Improving the performance of stores/departments within the organisation
  • Motivating and empowering employees to provide superior customer service/productivity
  • Providing management with superior business forecasting and visibility
  • Streamlining compliance management to protect the business
  • Reducing payroll-related expenses

RITEQ Workforce Manager is an industry leading solution. It's been designed to help organisations of all sizes leverage their most important asset – their workforce. RITEQ's ongoing development and innovation ensure our clients continually do more with less, accessing the full potential of their workforce.

Want to learn more about workforce management? Click here to download the free eBook The Benefits of Workforce Management.

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