Simple and flexible WFM solutions for a digital workforce

  • Increase profitability and enhance customer service through innovative roster optimisation
  • Maximise control and reduce cost with flexible labour budgeting
  • Increase workforce engagement with easy to use mobile self service
  • Ensure compliance with automated pay rule interpretation
  • Maximise accountability through cost-effective time and attendance
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workforce management software
roster optimisation

Roster Optimisation

Maximise your workforce productivity while maintaining the critical balance between customer service and controlling labour costs with our advanced roster optimisation engine.

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time attendance icon

Time and Attendance

Increase visibility and control of your workforce with real time attendance and action driven alerts. Combine this with the latest time capture technology, including biometric fingerprint and vein readers.

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absence management icon

Absence Management

Reduce the possibility of fraud and time theft with simplified absence management, including smart back filling for planned and unplanned leave.

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pay rule interpretation icon

Pay Rule Interpretation

Reduce manual errors and save time with automated pay rule award calculations and seamless export into any payroll system.

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Your successful customer experience
– is our success.

We aim to deliver long term value throughout the lifecycle of our relationship with you. We strive to measure ourselves according to the value we provide you. We see your successful outcomes and customer experience with us – as our success. 

“I would certainly recommend RITEQ to a company considering workforce management software. The main benefit of choosing RITEQ is the breadth of their experience in the industry. The product has many key features that you just won’t see in other similar products on the market.”

Richard Greening, Head of IT Development, CFL

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Leading organisations benefitting from RITEQ WFM

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