Hospitality Case Study

“RITEQ stood out as being able to do all that we needed .. it was the best and most flexible in the lineup.”

Roger McPherson
Financial Controller

Immediate Benefits

  • Staff clock in and out via biometric scanners reducing time theft
  • Automate production of payroll information to avoid errors when processing
  • Reduction in time spent on administration and data collection

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Replace old manual clocking system
  • Free up Managers to focus on customer service rather than administration
  • Eliminate manual input into payroll system
  • Provide visibility to managers and staff
  • Easy to use and cost-effective solution accessible to staff and managers


Roger McPherson is the Financial Controller at Bicester Hotel and has been in post about 5 years.

“When I began working at Bicester the hotel had a manual clocking system where all the staff clocked in and out for each shift and the data was manually entered into our payroll system, Sage,” he explains. “The clock cards were consolidated by each of the heads of department who produced their employees’ timesheets individually, taking up many hours of their valuable time. Manual processes are not quick and are prone to errors!”

“These were then consolidated by the Accounts Team which took more time plus the opportunity for errors when inputting data,” he continues.

The hotel’s time and attendance system really needed updating to save time and money. “Bespoke hotel software packages were really too expensive for an independent hotel like Bicester,” says Roger. “We needed something cost- effective to do the job properly.”

Choosing a Supplier

Roger knew that introducing a new software system to deal with time and attendance would take careful handling to ensure that the workforce bought into the project. He put together a team of people who project-managed the initial search for a product and then ultimately saw it through to purchase and implementation. The members of the team were the HR Manager, Health Club Manager and the Operations Manager, ultimately led by Roger, the Financial Controller.

“We needed a system that would be able to handle multiple employees working in multiple roles in different departments – something that was easy to use but had complex functionality and was easily configurable,” says Roger. “We looked at a couple of other suppliers but RITEQ stood out as being able to do all that we needed including an automated output to Sage. It was the best and most flexible in the lineup.”

Before purchasing, Roger and his team spoke to two reference sites to get an idea of what to expect from the implementation and the benefits that RITEQ could bring. “The sales person was very knowledgeable and ensured that we had all we needed to make our decision. The feedback from the clients was very positive indeed.”


Implementation went fairly smoothly due to the preparation beforehand that Roger and his team put in with RITEQ.

“We received a very in-depth document from RITEQ to ensure that we set up our configuration correctly which really helped,” he explains. “Overall the RITEQ team was very in tune with our requirements. The training we received during implementation was meticulous and gave us an excellent insight into how the system really works.”

“We had a few issues with one or two staff who had concerns about biometric data and how it was being used but RITEQ helped to sort this out and we resolved it quickly.”


“RITEQ has been seen as a very positive step for our staff and managers,” says Roger. “The Heads of Departments have been particularly pleased with the amount of work they no longer have to do. They also benefit from far more accurate time recording and lack of errors.”

“One of the issues we had experienced also was ‘buddy clocking’ – a problem that many organisations experience when using manual clocking systems. This is when a member of staff induces a colleague to clock in and out for them. The introduction of RITEQ’s workforce management system and vein recognition software put paid to this – so no more time theft.”

“Using RITEQ has meant that the amount of time spent by our managers collecting, checking and collating data has reduced greatly and this has saved hours – freeing them up to get out of the office and on the floor where the business really needs them.” Each month the export file is run from RITEQ and imports straight into Sage – a two step process which is quick and painless with no capacity for double entry errors.

“Noticeably there is also no queue of people outside our door on payday, with queries and complaints about errors on payslips. This used to be a regular occurrence and created bad feeling amongst the workforce. It also took up a lot of time. Feedback from staff following the introduction of RITEQ has been very positive.”

“The handful of times that we have had to use RITEQ’s helpdesk over the years, they have always resolved our problems – the service is good.”

“Using RITEQ has meant that the amount of time spent by our managers collecting, checking and collating data has reduced… and this has saved hours – freeing them up to get out of the office and on the floor where the business really needs them.”

Roger McPherson
Financial Controller

Plans for the Future

“We are looking at using the latest functionality that RITEQ has introduced for our business sector,” comments Roger. “We will require some training and reconfiguration to benefit the most from these latest developments and therefore need some time to prepare.” “I would definitely recommend RITEQ to anybody considering a workforce management system.

In my experience using other systems I believe the flexibility and level of configuration that RITEQ offers is excellent. RITEQ’s ability to adapt to individual environments with multiple employees working in multiple roles means that it copes extremely well with the pressures placed upon it.”

Bicester Hotel Resort and Spa Company Facts

Location: Oxford, UK
Industry: Hospitality/Leisure/Hotels

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