Logistics Case Study

“By removing manual processes managers can proactively manage their teams using real-time data while ensuring optimised service levels with effective costing.”

Richard Greening, Head of IT Development

Benefits to CFL

  • Increased visibility and control across the business with optimised rostering
  • Increased compliance with rules and alerts setup into RITEQ WFM
  • Reduction in time spent on administration and data collection for rostering
  • Production of rosters in advance and improved planning for peak periods
  • Reduction in processing errors with the automation of payroll information
  • Increased efficiency with staffing clocking in and out via biometric scanners that create automatic digital timesheets that link directly to the production of rosters
  • Ability to scale up quickly as the business grows


Richard Greening, Head of IT Development at CFL identified the need for automating the staff rostering operation, as part of an ongoing project within the company to increase efficiency. “We were using a fairly simple software product which involved staff clocking in and out using finger print scanners” says Richard. “This worked in a basic way but only produced time and attendance information and was not linked to any rostering system. Rosters were produced separately in Excel which required several manual processes (with a sizeable capacity for error) and many man hours per month. Scheduled hours and actual hours worked had to be manually reconciled which again took up a lot of time – time spent by a manager that could be utilised in a more pro-active way if this was automated,” Richard continues.


“I would certainly recommend RITEQ to a company considering workforce management software. The main benefit of choosing RITEQ is the breadth of their experience in the industry. The product has many key features that you just won’t see in other similar products on the market.”
Richard Greening, Head of IT Development


Challenges and Opportunities

  • Integrate time and attendance with production of rosters
  • Eliminate manual production of rosters to increase efficiency
  • Standardise roster production across the organisation to enable upscaling of business in the future
  • Provide visibility for strategic and managerial employees to drive efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Easy accessibility and usability for staff and managers
  • Increase staff engagement, morale and retention

Search for a Supplier

RITEQ was recommended to CFL by an organisation that the company uses to outsource its HR function.
“Although we were looking at automating our systems and processes we needed to manage the introduction of new software carefully to avoid overwhelming staff with new technology,” says Richard. “The other two WFM providers that we considered seemed simple and easy to learn but RITEQ’S functionality is much greater.”
“We needed something that could handle a high level of complexity,” he says. RITEQ offers real-time and historical management of employee attendance across multiple sites, including shift splitting, planned and unplanned leave, and absenteeism. By removing manual processes managers can proactively manage their teams using real-time data while ensuring optimum customer service and maximum sales.
“The key benefit I see of using RITEQ is the fact that the company has been around for nearly 20 years and in that time, has built a workforce management system that is agile and flexible, with key functionalities that are available straight out of the box. “Thinking ahead, we need to future-proof our business as it grows. One of the reasons we chose RITEQ was that it is scalable at a rapid rate and can be managed centrally. For example, adding 3 or 4 new sites overnight would be possible, providing us with the ability to prepare for the next level of growth.
“Our account manager was extremely professional,” says Richard. “We worked together to set out a realistic timeline for implementation which was done to a detailed level and made the transition from one system to another very easy. Everything was planned in the right way and when I needed anything I was able to pick up the phone and get hold of him quickly.


“People are starting to see now how the time taken before to produce effective rosters has reduced and the process has been simplified,” Richard points out. “We can now identify actual hours worked against scheduled hours and seeing everything in real time is a real bonus. RITEQ allows us to re-do rosters to make them more effective and has changed the focus from planning around the employee to planning in the company’s interests. We can see exactly where we should be focusing our efforts on manpower and change the rosters accordingly. Rostering is the lifeblood of what our business runs on – rather than having higher level managerial staff spending precious time ensuring the rostering is correct they can use their expertise in other ways, saving money and increasing our efficiency.”

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