Planning employee rosters can be a challenge, particularly if you have a large organisation. You may even find that you spend more time scheduling staff than focusing on your main company goals. If you’re spending all your time balancing numbers and are still finding that your staffing isn’t at optimal levels, you may want to think about using a comprehensive workforce management (WFM) system.

How can a workforce management (WFM) help?

A workforce management system will help you streamline and automate your rosters so that it takes less time to organise staff and plan ahead. It will:

  1. Ensure that you have enough staff on the premises at any given time

This is key for any business but it could be a legal requirement for some firms, for example those involved in childcare or care homes. A WFM system will help you calculate how many workers you have on site at all times and to fill any gaps ahead of time. It will also make it easier to plan ahead if you know you have a busy period approaching or need to complete a task by a particular time.

  1. Help you pick the most skilled workers for each task

Your WFM software will hold information on your employees’ skills, experience and qualifications, enabling you to handpick the right workers for specific roles or projects. If a member of staff is on leave or off sick that means you can quickly find a suitable replacement with the same criteria.

  1. Identify attendance issues

As your employees’ hours and break allowances will be programmed into your WFM system, you will be able to track attendance and address any issues. This can be hard to identify using manual systems and could really help to improve productivity.

  1. Save you time

Your WFM software will significantly reduce the amount of time you need to spend on staff rostering, freeing you up to perform other tasks. It may also reduce the burden on department heads and your accounts staff as all the information they need will be right at their fingertips. This could lead to substantial cost reductions across the board.

  1. Help you support your staff

Attending to your staff’s needs can help you get the best out of them. With a good WFM system, you can schedule events such as appraisals and training to ensure that they feel appreciated and are qualified to do their jobs. Happy staff are more productive, more likely to stay in the workplace and better equipped to meet your clients’ needs.

Getting the right WFM software

While there are different types of workforce manager software out there, some offer better functionality and ease-of-use than others. At RITEQ, we are confident that our WFM system will meet all your staff rostering needs and exceed your expectations. While it will have an instant impact, the real results will be seen in the long term, when your staffing process is optimised and your employees and clients are happier than ever.


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