The Datamart is a ready made data warehouse which enables you to access and extract data from RITEQ WFM using standard data connections.

Plug in your visualisation engine of choice. Whether it is Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Klickview, SAP, Crystal Reports, Cognos, or any one of the myriad available enterprise tools, RITEQ Datamart allows for a deeper integration into your existing Enterprise BI offering. This allows you to provide a one-stop analytics interface for all of your strategic and operational users.

BENEFITS of using the RITEQ Datamart:

  • Lower total cost of ownership vs. developing an in-house data warehouse
  • Robust Datamart design representing industry best practice
  • Easier, more responsive and convenient data access
  • Automated ingestion and update of data for simple and fast data queries


Secure, simple, fast and reliable approach to access data and back-end features

The purpose of RITEQ WFM API is to provide a standard, secure, simple, fast and reliable approach to access data and back-end features. The API contains both transactional representations of data as well as date filtered bulk operations allowing simple delta-load operations. The WFM API is written specifically to access functionality and data in a controlled and unchanging manner. The API enforces business rules defined within WFM, thus ensuring referential integrity and the accuracy of data. The list of API calls is extensive and covers many aspects of your business and staff, allowing for surprising and illuminating analysis opportunities.


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