Encouraging employees to engage with new workforce software       


Introducing new workforce management software can greatly reduce the need for cumbersome manual tasks, which in turn can greatly free up your department’s time. For employee workforce software to be successful and streamline your business processes, it is essential that all your employees are engaging with it correctly.




Providing the necessary training is the first step to encouraging your new employees to come on board with new management software.  Organise adequate training time for all managers and their staff on how best to implement their software across various sites. Demonstrations and full training workshops are a great way to build engagement prior to software deployment and activation.




Incentives are a way of encouraging employees to use the new software appropriately. This could be anything from a bottle of wine to extra holiday for those who are complying and engaging. This will promote a positive attitude towards the software and make it seem even more beneficial for the entire workforce.


Employee Self Service


Make it as easy as possible for your staff to interact with new software by utilising features that they can use themselves via a mobile app. Employee Self Service allows your employees to view their scheduled shifts, request leave or bid for additional shifts. This can increase employee engagement with your business, and help your employees to feel more in control of their work schedules.


SaaS/Cloud deployment


Opting to have a SaaS solution delivered via the cloud means that it’s easily accessible for all your employees. The easier the software is to access and use, the more likely the take up will be by your staff.


RITEQ’s Workforce Manager can streamline your business processes and efficiency, in a simplified format so that all your staff can utilise the software correctly.



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