There are many reasons that employees leave a job and some of them are beyond the control of an employer but one of the top reasons cited is something that employers can manage better – shift patterns. Complaints range from no extra shifts, unfair allocation of extra shifts to short notice about shift changes and ignoring staff needs around work scheduling.

hand on computer mouseMoving online

Moving your shift planning and management online enables a more comprehensive overview for managers and removes the need for laborious manual excel sheets. Managing shift patterns and staff management with software also keeps it all in one place, with key members of staff being able to access all the data they need with a click of a mouse.


Online scheduling

Employee scheduling and rostering is a major element of workforce management that allows business owners and managers to use a fair, balanced and fact-based system to allocate shifts. It allows them to view the many aspects that come into setting shift patterns to make informed decisions – staff availability and preferences, customer patterns, annual leave and even special occasions such as Christmas or Easter.

Employee Self Service

mobile useEnabling your employees to declare their availability, request leave and view hours worked puts the onus on staff to choose their shifts. ESS allows employees to view information about their shifts and schedules as well as send in timesheets for managerial approval . By increasing engagement with employees and allowing them the freedom to use an online portal or mobile app to choose shift patterns, you can boost communication and morale. Once approved, managers can use the data to create shift patterns that work, without the need to go back and forth with staff.

ESS Access

Staff can access the ESS module from any device such as a smartphone or tablet as well as through a desktop browser. This means non-office based staff can easily see their shifts, request alterations or take on extra shifts, all without the need to visit the office or workplace.

Allowing staff to have more control of their shift planning and working hours through a neutral, online portal can ease the stress on managers and increase staff happiness.

Bidding for shifts

Shift bidding is a RITEQ feature of ESS. This allows employees to bid for shifts that are available and allocates them on a fair basis that relieves managers of any hint of bias or preference. It also accurately records those extra shifts to ensure staff get the correct pay, even with last minute changes, and viewing approved hours worked reduces post payroll queries.

For more information on allowing your employees ESS access to request shifts, get in touch with RITEQ by filling in our online form or you can call us on 020 3846 0600.

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