If employee retention isn’t something you or your company is thinking about then it definitely should be. According to studies, a company can spend on average about one-fifth of the salary of the employee who has left on finding, hiring and training a replacement, which can be avoided by implementing simple measures to keep your staff content.

What can I do?

Keeping your excellent employees doesn’t have to mean giving them a pay rise. Simple small gestures can make a huge difference to morale and stop staff feeling pushed to look for employment elsewhere.

For instance, making sure you effectively communicate the ambitions of your company can help employees to “buy in” to your goals. Try and have a company-wide meeting every 6 months or at least a year to bring everyone together and plan your future. Feeling like you are a part of something and valued within the company can help to improve both motivation and work ethic.

“Stay interviews”Interview

Another way to help keep your employees from hopping over the fence is to conduct “stay” interviews. Most people have heard of exit interviews (asking why people wanted to leave) but a more proactive way of dealing with this is to bring in your long-term employees and ask them why they are staying. What would make them want to leave? By asking these questions before someone is driven to leave, you can tailor your approach to employee retention to make sure you are fulfilling as many criteria as possible.

Let your employees feel in control

People don’t like feeling helpless, so giving them a degree of control and making sure that they have as much information as possible is a great way to help them feel at ease at work. Things like being able to view shifts in advance, swap shifts with co-workers and easily book holiday off all help to make your staff feel in charge of their own schedule. An Employee Self Service solution can facilitate all this and help to ensure people are paid accurately and on time – another potential source of stress.

RITEQ can help

A great way to help with this is a workforce management solution from RITEQ. Our workforce planning software with Employee Self Service allows employees to smoothly book holiday off, view hours worked and even bid for additional shifts. To find out more about our Workforce Manager software fill out our contact form or call us on 020 3846 0600.

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