Education Industry Workforce Management Software

Many schools are already run as lean organisations, yet, they continue to face increasing demands for improved performance and reduced costs. To comply with complex policies and meet the unique staffing needs of schools and childcare facilities, RITEQ’s workforce management software helps automate processes.

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Control labour costs and ensure employees are paid from the correct funding source

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Ensure compliance through correct staffing and qualification coverage

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Identify available substitute staff to fill critical shifts

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Understand if staffing ratios are incorrect – in real time

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Improve employee engagement through Employee Self Service (ESS) features

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Improve customer service and care levels

Benefits of RITEQ WFM for Early Childhood Services:

  • Simplify compliance with mandatory staff ratios
  • Tightly control the audit trail with the ability to alert centres of possible violations
  • Manage unplanned teacher absences
  • Manage time and dollars allocated to grants and other funding sources
  • Effective and comprehensive management of risk and compliance
  • Synchronise time and attendance information with your payroll system
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