Events & Entertainment Industry Workforce Management Software

The Leisure industry relies heavily upon staff to deliver quality services at all times. You need to be sure you are rostering the right number of staff at the right time, with the right qualifications. A workforce with a lot of Gen X and Y staff demands a mobility solution that provides simple and intuitive employee interaction and information access anytime, anywhere. RITEQ Workforce Manager (WFM) provides you with easy-to-use tools that will help you manage your workforce across complex shift requirements and multiple locations.

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Manage a highly varied workforce while controlling labour costs

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Ensure adherence to minimum staffing and qualification levels

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Allow for dynamic changes to roster patterns based on such factors as the weather

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Make your business more efficient and productive

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Create complex schedules across multiple locations

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Quickly and easily identify available employees and rostering solutions

Benefits of RITEQ WFM for the Leisure Industry:

  • Eliminate time theft and prevent employees from clocking in for colleagues
  • Reduce labour costs including payment for unapproved or fraudulent overtime
  • Improve your bottom line by ensuring compliance and avoiding overstaffing
  • Select from cutting edge capture options and flexible timesheet creation rules
  • Easily comply with industry standards and guidelines
  • Ensure your employees have access to information on any device at any time
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