Health, Aged & Disability Care Workforce Management Software

Labour represents a major cost burden for any care delivery organisation.  You need to effectively manage labour budgets so you can dedicate your resources to providing optimal care.  RITEQ’s fully integrated, Workforce Management (WFM) solution will provide the visibility and control required to ensure labour costs are managed relative to customer contract revenue.

By holding Customer Contract information, Support Categories and Service Items relating to the care provided, RITEQ WFM has the capability of generating a customer’s support and activity routine, both weekly and on a recurring basis. This unique integration of customer routines and service with the employee scheduling process, ensures that service providers have better financial controls and compliance visibility.

Seamless Integration

RITEQ’s Hub Connector, provides an integration and billing platform to seamlessly integrate WFM information with best of breed customer management systems. This eliminates the need for double entry of customer and service data.  With RITEQ, you have a solution that will enhance your management and reporting practices and enable your organisation to be responsive to the different, and sometimes complex, demands of your customer base.

RITEQ Analytics, our powerful Business Intelligence platform, accesses data from RITEQ WFM, Care Management Systems and Hub Connector to ensure that you, the service provider, has all the necessary metrics and KPI’s at your fingertips to provide critical predictive customer profitability analytics.

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Free up your time and resources for improved patient and customer care

reduce time consuming processes

Reduce time consuming processes such as building of rotas and associated pay changes through automation

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Quickly and easily identify available, qualified staff for unplanned gaps in rotas

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Use integrated business information systems to save time and money whilst optimising your workforce

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Improve employee engagement through Employee Self Service features

Benefits of RITEQ for Health, Not-For-Profit & Aged Care

  • Minimise risk by ensuring you are meeting your customers’ care demands
  • Effectively balance the managing of labour costs and providing quality care
  • Optimise customer-focused scheduling with integration to Care Management Systems
  • Improve time management and reduce admin via automation of timesheets
  • Quickly identify alternative staff to fill critical shifts
  • Interface with financial accounting systems
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Royal Hospital for Neuro disability

Implementing RITEQ has shed light on the massive complexity of our current rostering services. RITEQ has opened our eyes with regards to looking at how our managers roster staff. We were able to look at the process from A to Z to ensure we had the right mechanisms in place with RITEQ to be as effective as possible.

Woojdan Raza Project Manager, Royal Hospital of Neuro Disability

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