Logistics Industry Workforce Management Software

The complexities of managing supply chains is no easy task. With shift patterns that change throughout the day and fluctuations in supply and demand, as well as the need to manage a range of multi-skilled workers in different geographical locations, organising rosters can quickly get overly complicated and end up costing you money.

However, with smart software tailored for your business needs, you can streamline your workforce and maximise productivity. RITEQ Workforce Manager (WFM) makes logistics time management easy. Our software is designed to manage teams of workers with varying shift patterns, pay rates, and skill levels across multiple site locations, organising employees and improving delivery of service, adapting with seasonality and maximising efficiency.

Our workforce management software for logistics companies has been designed to ensure compliance with relevant legislation, with the ability to set business rules to prevent employees from working over a set number of hours and show skill sets such as HSV licences so only the correct employees are allocated appropriate shifts.  Using our unique schedule optimisation function you can maximise your sales potentials by ensuring you have the right people in the right place at the right time

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Gain control over labour costs and manage a multi-skilled team with ease

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Make your business more efficient and productive with smart insights that spot trends and outliers. Use analytics tools to drill down through data and compare service levels from one location to another

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Monitor and control employees’ working time and eliminate time theft using the latest in mobile clocking devices with GPS systems

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Easily identify available skilled staff to fill critical shifts, update employees of last minute schedule changes, and manage overtime with intelligent shift bidding software. Automatically create and fill your schedules/rosters using your organisation’s rules increasing efficiency and saving you time and money.

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Manage fatigue rules effectively

reduce time consuming processes

Eliminate time consuming and error prone manual award interpretation

Benefits of RITEQ WFM for Logistics:

  • Ensure accuracy of time data collection using cutting edge mobile time capture for travelling employees
  • Save time and money by streamlining and automating your processes with a fully integrated system reducing capacity for data error
  • Quickly access accurate consolidated employee data from multiple geographically dispersed locations
  • Reduce admin with 85% automation of timesheets and eliminate time theft by mobile clocking
  • Ensure industry compliance by tracking employee working hours in real time and managing fatigue
  • Engage your employees by keeping them informed in real time of changes to shifts with information available on any device at any time
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