In a clocking environment, employees clock into and out of work and breaks through one of a number of different time-capture options:


Time Clocks

touchscreen kiosk

Touch Screen Kiosk

clocking pc


pos terminal

POS Terminal

mobile clocking


clocking in telephone


Wall Mount Touch Screen Panel PC

The RITEQ Wall Mount touch-screen Panel PC with built-in fingerprint reader ensures that you are able to meet the increasing demand for greater distribution and access to information without the need for management intervention.

RITEQ’s unique employee self service (ESS) kiosk software application works in conjunction with the Panel PC to provide a time data-collection and information-delivery solution that takes the concept of Workforce Management to an unsurpassed level and is available with either a biometric fingerprint or vein reader.

USB Biometric Authentication

Vein authentication is an innovative time capture method that identifies employees accurately under any conditions when linked with PCs, Tablets, POS and Backend office systems.

  • Hitachi VeinID biometric authentication technology identifies finger vein patterns, eliminating tampering while increasing reliability and security. Everyone’s finger vein pattern is different, which provides an ideal, non-intrusive identification method.

Mobile Clock

Businesses have increasingly mobile workforces, and each employee needs to be able to simply and easily submit start and finish times, jobs, tasks and information about the people they meet. The RITEQ mobile clocking app has all the answers. With the ability to capture the employee’s location when clocking, the mobile app has all the functionality you expect to be able to track your mobile employees and ensure they are in the right place at the right time performing the right duties.

time capture on mobile

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