RITEQ’s Employee Self Service portal directly links to the Workforce Manager application database seamlessly and in real time. No need for multiple database synchronisations and no loss of valuable data. Combined, the two modules allow for effective workforce planning and improved communication – all branded with your organisation’s logo and colour scheme.

Bridging the Gap

RITEQ Workforce Manager empowers employees to manage their own data, promotes employee engagement and eliminates unnecessary work. Grant your employees the control to request absences or even clock in with their mobiles, boosting communication and morale. Demonstrating a two way commitment and trusting your employees to request leave or bid for additional shifts keeps employees informed and engaged, with significant productivity and retention benefits.

This approach also provides productivity gains for your Payroll and HR team, reducing the volume of post payroll queries with the information your employees need easily accessible online or through their mobile app. Freeing up your Payroll and HR team accelerates the ROI on your RITEQ Workforce Manager investment and supports better decision making for management.

Available anywhere, any time

Available via the internet from any device using any browser, ESS allows employees to receive and interact with crucial operational information including:

  • Scheduled shifts
  • Time sheets including timesheet entry
  • Shift bidding
  • Shift swapping
  • Availability with a configurable “minimum days in advance”
  • Absence requests
  • Mobile (GPS enabled) clocking
  • Timesheet approvals (for managers)
  • Messaging capability
  • Previous timesheets

Total Integration

RITEQ Employee Self Service (ESS) module is totally integrated with the rest of the system. Whether via a PIN or optional biometrics, it allows employees access to review and (if applicable) impact their:

  • Availability – with a configurable “minimum days in advance” option
  • Leave – application, leave balances, approved/denied leave requests etc.
  • Upcoming rostered shifts
  • Previous timesheets
  • Messaging

Seamless Module Integration

RITEQ’s Employee Self-Service module integrates with the following for seamless workforce management:

scheduling icon

Employee Scheduling

time and attendance icon

Time and Attendance

absence icon

Leave Management

optimisation schedule icon

Workforce Optimisation

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