Human error and fraud plague manual systems at every step of the process, restricting managers from accessing crucial data needed to make leave management decisions. The cost of a manual system extends far beyond the inherent time required to process leave.

Leave Management Made Simple

Employees are able to request leave and access their leave balances via their Employee Self Service (ESS) portal, available online or through their smartphone or other mobile device. Managers are notified of each leave application via email and/or SMS and have all the information they require at their fingertips. The employee’s leave balances can be accessed instantly, along with a leave calendar that applies to all of the manager’s direct reports. Managers can also see what impact the leave application will have on future rosters for the employee.

Visibility and Error-proofing

If the leave application is approved, the appropriate leave shifts are automatically created in the applicable roster and timesheet, achieving what is almost impossible in a manual system – visibility and error proofing. Once leave shifts are exported to payroll and processed, the employees’ leave balances are impacted accordingly. Unplanned leave is also catered for in RITEQ WFM and flagged as a leave shift (sick leave, personal leave, leave without pay, etc.) within the timesheet approval screen.

Smart Back-filling

Leave balances are maintained and referenced during this process preventing approval of a leave shift if the balance is not sufficient. More importantly, RITEQ WFM provides the user with a list of the most appropriate employee(s) to back fill the shift(s) left vacant by the absence(s). Skills, licences, availability and cost are all factored in by RITEQ WFM, maintaining a complete history of all leave taken which can assist in identifying trends and managing those employees who take excessive leave.

RITEQ WFM’s Absence Management streamlines and automates the entire process and significantly reduces the possibility of errors or fraud.

shift rules icon

Availability function allowing employees and managers to specify both preferences and hard rules for availability

shift prompt icon

Prompts for the manager if shifts contravene employee’s availability map

alert admin icon

Full notification to managers via email and/or SMS to ensure everyone is kept in the loop

leave types icon

Fully configurable leave types including balanced/non balanced or requestable/non requestable

identify available staff icon

Ad hoc, default and preferential availability types

sync with payroll

Full integration with rosters and timesheets

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