RITEQ’s powerful Pay Rule Interpreter turns the time consuming, resource heavy and error prone task of manual pay rule interpretation into a quick and painless automated process.

Eliminate Complexity

RITEQ Pay rule Interpreter – Allows for the interpretation of an infinite number of work rules that apply to employees regardless of their governing association, AWA, individual contract or Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. This component is critical to ensuring the proper feed of timesheet data into your payroll solution for accurate processing.

Payroll System Import

At the end of each pay period, the payroll team will use RITEQ WFM to automatically generate a file matching your payroll system’s import format, containing the full award interpreted result of all employees’ worked and leave shifts. All loadings, allowances and shift penalties, pay rates and cost centres are automatically calculated. This ensures efficient, consistent and accurate payment of all employees.

Most payroll systems do not have built-in pay rule interpreters. By using the correct data and exporting for seamless import into any payroll system, RITEQ Workforce Manager (WFM) Pay rule performs this critical function.

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Unique Award Interpreter - Sandbox

Using this module, “What-if” cost modelling and full pay rule testing uses real data without affecting live data. With the powerful Revision Management feature, you can create different scenarios for labour cost modelling, while ensuring that historical reporting remains accurate.

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Accurately forecast labour costs

The Award Interpreter references employee base rates and interacts with the Schedules to provide accurate forecasted labour costs and work rule alerts. Real-time costing of actual worked shifts is also provided.

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Real-time budgeting

Real-time costing of actual worked shifts is available through communication between the Time & Attendance Module and the Award Interpreter.

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Work rule configuration

Configure an infinite number of work rules that apply to employees regardless of their governing association, AWA, individual contract or Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

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All of RITEQ WFM’s administrative functions are available through the application, provided the user has the appropriate security level.

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Designed with flexibility

You have the flexibility to accommodate difficult arrangements such as 24 hour operations, multiple shift-splitting and employees moving between sites, departments and duties.

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